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About Zundo Sapporo

‘Ramen Zundo Sapporo’ is a special collaboration restaurant between Sapporo’s most famous noodle manufacturer, ‘Nishiyama Seimen Inc’ and Sydney’s ‘Ramen Zundo’.

The ramen you will be enjoying today has been carefully crafted using noodles and sauces imported directly from Nishiyama Seimen- the pioneer of Sapporo Ramen.
Made using Hokkaido’s pristine filtered snow water, Nishiyama Seimen’s signature aged noodles have a distinct smooth, tight texture that clings perfectly to the tasty, rich soup which has been meticulously co-created by the two companies.

Our co-created miso, shio and shoyu base sauces have been blended with Zundo’s original broth made using the best selection of fresh Australian chicken, pork and vegetables.
By stir-frying each portion of vegetables after receiving each order, we are able to achieve our exquisite highly aromatic, flavourful ramen.

Zundo Sapporo serves completely vegan ramen options that use absolutely no animal-derived ingredients. The soup broth is made of seaweed and vegetable extracts and the toppings and noodles are also all vegan. They have actually polished this dish to taste just as good as the original Sapporo ramen!

©2020 Ramen Zundo

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